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Waxing FAQs

Waxing is a very personal service but you are in good hands! Our licensed Estheticians are very experienced, friendly, and professional. They will guide you through the process and make you feel comfortable and happy. Catalyst Salon Orlando offers a unique waxing service. So, we understand that guests may have questions about the services offered, the effects of waxing, preparation for their appointment and related details. Fortunately, we have all the answers you need – even for your most personal questions. The best way to feel comfortable is to arm yourself with information, and a lot of it is right here.


More questions?

Does Waxing Hurt?

Depending on the area being waxed and your sensitivity level, pain associated with waxing is relatively mild and temporary for most clients. Painful waxing experiences typically come from improper application and removal of the wax resulting in tugging of the hair and pulling, bruising, or lifting of the skin. Our Technicians are highly trained and specialize in waxing, especially Brazilians. 

How often do I need a wax?

Not all re-growth cycles are the same. Some people get waxed every three weeks, while some people can make it six. If you are unsure of how close to book your appointments, try four weeks apart to start and go from there.

Should I shave or trim between services?

Don’t shave or trim between visits. Once you see that waxing leaves you stubble-free, you won’t want to. Staying away from clippers and razors will also help to remove more growth cycles during your next visit. If you have the urge to shave in between visits, book them closer together.

What is the difference between a Brazilian and a Brazilian Maintenance?

At Catalyst, we love to reward our clients. For our clients who come every 3-6 weeks, enjoy our maintenance pricing. Even if you frequent another waxing studio, as long as it's been 3-6 weeks you can take advantage of our maintenance pricing. Brazilian waxing service, is for first time waxing clients, or clients who have gone over 6 weeks since their last waxing session. 

I'm On My Period, Can I Still Get A Brazilian?"

The short answer is yes, you can still be waxed. Please keep in mind that you will be more sensitive the few days leading up to and following your period as well as during your period. So you may feel the temperature of the wax more along with the possibility of an increased feeling of pain during the waxing service. A tampon must be worn during the service while on your period.

How Long Does The Hair Need To Be To Get Waxed?

The hair to be waxed should be about 1/4 of an inch or about the size of a grain of rice. If you have recently shaved it is recommended to wait about 2-3 weeks following the last time you shaved for the best possible wax results.

How long does a Brazilian Wax take?

With the Catalyst Salon speed-waxing process, the actual Brazilian waxing takes about 10 minutes on average, which means you can get in, get out and even rebook and catch up with your waxologist in a 30-minute lunch break.

What is the difference between a Bikini, and Brazilian wax?

Bikini Wax removes unwanted hair immediately outside of the vaginal area leaving a clean triangular shape. 
Brazilian Wax removes all the hair from the entire pubic area.
Many women request a Brazilian because it gives a clean, close wax and the freedom to wear even the most revealing swimwear and lingerie.

Will the hair grow back thicker?

Absolutely not. It might seem so because you will be accustomed to a hairless zone and new hair will be intolerable. Usually, regrowth will be finer, thinner and slower. Eventually, hair growth may stop altogether.

Close up green banana leaves over pink painted grunge concrete wall..jpg
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