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We are so excited to announce that The Beauty Brigade has officially joined the Catalyst Team. The Beauty Brigade will now be offering its trial services at Catalyst Salon. Not only can brides expect incredible service and experience, but being a BB Bride gives you a discount of 20% off all Catalyst Salon services. 

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Whether you are looking for a Spray Tanning Session, Hair Color Service, Extension Service, Waxing, or even Wedding Party options we have you covered. As a Beauty Brigade Bride you will receive 20% off all salon services. If you host a Bridal Tanning Party, you recieve your tan for free. We look forward to meeting you, and having you in the salon. 

Me and my whole bridal party were spray tanned, and we were all in love. Jena did my trial tan and told me all about the parties. It just made so much sense to have my whole party come into Catalyst. I didn't want some of my party to use self tanner, go to a booth, or not get tan, and be all different colors. The party was super easy, and we had so much fun!

-Kelly A.

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