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Orlando's Top Spray Tanning Salon

Custom Spray Tans for Every Client.  

Want to be lighter, or extra dark? Want to be able to rinse quickly with a Rapid Tan? Want to try some light contouring to make the tan really pop? We make it easy for you!

All of our Spray Tans are only $50 

Here are some of the top reasons our clients love to get custom spray tans:

  • Wedding Parties

  • Confidence Builder

  •  Homecoming & Prom

  •  Special Events

  • Cheer & Dance

We believe that Spray Tans aren't just for events, it's a lifestyle! Did you know a lot of our clients come weekly and biweekly. We have amazing package and Membership options to keep your glow year round. We also have incredible retail products to keep your tan looking perfect!

*All photos below are of actual clients. 

  • Competition

  • Youthful Appearance 

  • Beach Trips 

  • Look Good Naked! 

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